Airlie Beach and Whitsundays

After catching another overnight bus from Hervery Bay to Airlie beach and watching a god awful film on the bus Dating Tod Hamilton I think it was called I finally arrived at Airlie beach ready to go sailing.

Airlie beach is quite a small place but has loads off bars and little cafes, and gets 300 out off 365 days off sun a year and a cute little lagoon where you can swim in, (cant swim in the sea due to jellyfish) so suited me down to a T!! 😀

Met up with Zoe, Tom and Tom and a few others from Bryon bay who I hadn’t seen in quite a while so was wicked to catch up with them and have a few drinks and they had been on their sailing trips around the Whitsundays and loved it!!

The following day I was off sailing. I was on the 92foot big tall sail ship called New Horizon not Event Horizon, thats film as i kept calling it!! I booked this as part off a package with Fraser island and 10 nights free accommodation for $369 bargain saving about $300 dollars. 😛

After the briefing the first scare off the trip I choose this boat as it came with a free dive, I wanted to see whether I was able to dive before booking a full course. Well the briefing I went too said you couldn’t dive if you had Asthma without a dive medical signed by the doctor, why the bloody hell didn’t they tell us this when we booked!!

So off to the doctors it was where we were given a very scary and totally over the top report on what happens to people with Asthma when they dive and told 99% off people with Asthma fail the test and even if you pass the doctor normally fails you anyway and just to top it off you pay over $100 for the privilege!! I don’t think so!!

So did the test which I’m pretty sure I passed got 97/98 out off 100 for lung capacity and haven’t used my inhaler since Ive been out here and been felling fine and Stef a guy on my boat got a similar score so instead off the doctor failing us we both legged out off the doctors without paying!! I know it was wrong but who cares they were gonna fail me anyway!!

So it was time to set sail, well not until we bought enough booze too last 3 days :0) We set sail and with in a minute off been on the boat, me, Steph, Jake, Scottie and Mark had cracked open a tinnie, much to the laughter off the skipper and crew….i think there were words “I see the poomies are drinking early again. there be asleep by nine” Bouy were they wrong on that score.

The sailing was amazing, we got some seriously impressive speed going even if a little choopy and the views were amazing especially watching the sunset from the boat. The food on the boat was amazing, we ate like kings!! We had huge steaks with all the trimmings and apple pie on the first night and then roast the following night with loads off stuff to eat at lunch as well, fantastic stuff!! That night was spent drinking lots and getting to know everyone on the boat, especially the 11 Canadian girls!!

The next day after sleeping on the deck off the boat watching the moon and stars we were off to Whitehaven beach, voted in the top 5 beaches in the world and my pictures wont do it justice it was amazing could off spent forever there. In the afternoon we went off to do another island to snorkel and scuba dive, both were amazing the marine life (saw nemo, rays and a huge Elvis fish) were amazing and I had no problems with the scuba dive what so ever really enjoyed it but did feel slightly guilty!!

That night again watched an even better sun set while drinking wine and eating crisps from the beach fantastic stuff and that night we finished off most off the booze playing more drinking games and winding up the Aussies about how we’re gonna win the ashes this year!!

The following day went for another dive (had to pay this time, but really cheap) and went down to 9 meters and still no problems so might do my full paid diving course in Thailand.

The whole trip was fantastic definitely one off the highlights off my whole trip. That night most off the people from the boat met up for a “few drinks”. Our boat got given a few jugs off beer and had to race other boats to drink them which off course we won, so were given more!! Woohoo then the rest off the night gets a little surreal……

There was a bucking Bronco competition going on and Sarah really wanted to enter but was wearing a skirt so couldn’t do it, so I came up with the cunning plan off she could borrow my jeans if she gave Dijon her skirt to wear!! Thank god I had some nice boxers on!! Should make for some intersting pics too!!

Well she did very well and came second so more beer and by this stage it gets quite blurry, as have lots off nights on my trips but I remember going to Moma Africas club where it was 2 for 1 cocktails and the rest off the night is blur except getting back at 5.30 and realizing I had 20 minutes to make my bus and I hadnt packed….DOH……You’ll have to wait till next installment to see if I made it!!!!

Tara for now

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