Magnetic island to Cairns

Right time for another update and may be a bit smaller than normal as Ive busted my thumb, not sure what I done but it doesn’t look good!! So its making typing pretty tricky!!

Anyway after some serious partying at Fraser island and at Airlie beach some serious chill out time and detox was in order so off to Magnetic island from Townsville. Magnetic island got its name after Captain cooks compass went berserk when he sailed past, captain cook was a bloody busy man back in the day!! In case I hadn’t had enough off boats over the last few weeks we caught another boat and possibly the choppiest ride ever so bad me and Scottie had to have a tinnie to calm our nerves, not the best start to the detox!!

Anyway to be honest there isn’t a great deal to say about Magnetic island as I just had a quiet couple off days there catching up with some sleep and having a few beers with Scott and getting addicted to an arcade game called Buck hunter, we must off spent a fortune on that game, but so much fun and it was the only entertainment a very quite hostel indeed!! We did go fishing one morning where as per usual I caught buggar all, just a few baby ones but Scottie caught a hammer head shark!!!!!! Only about a foot and a half but still very cool.

After catching a much smoother boat back to Townsville I hoped on the bus and met Claire and Steph and off we went to Mission beach, which was a very quiet place to spend your birthday especially on a Sunday but still had a great night drinking cocktails from coconuts and then champagne called Sir James on seriously comfy leather chairs in the hostel with a faking massive TV, shame Everton spoil it by losing to crappy West Brom!!

The final stop off my oz trip was Cairns at the north off Queensland where Great Barrier reef is, which totally blew me away. Spent the day snorkeling there and saw the most amazing array off fish including a shark!! Sadly not a Great White but just a baby reef shark but still damm cool.

For my birthday treat I went white water rafting, something I’ve always wanted to do and due to various weather conditions in NZ wasn’t able to do it, so the previous night was spent praying there was enough water in the river and wasn’t blowing a gale!! Luckily it worked, as we were off at stupid a clock in the morning again with another hangover but thankfully cleared by the time we started.

We went rafting on the Tully river just outside Carins which is a grade four river with five been the highest, but the Tully river is different from most rivers as its full off bloody great rocks everywhere which makes it even harder or better depending on which way you look at it!! Anyway a fantastic day was had, nearly fell out a few times but not quite and didn’t capuise until the instructor did it on purpose and if we were going in so was he!! A totally superb day and would recommended to anyone.

In Cairns met up with loads off guys and girls I met at various points along my travels along the east coast, including, Sven, the two Toms, Zoe, Ruth and Georgey and many a drunken night was spent out with them especially the last night where I’ve still not learnt my lesson about dancing on the tables when drunk, man did my arm and side hurt the next day!!

Well thats it for Oz, loved my time here and went so quickly, definitely coming back in a few years time hopefully, to do the outback and the west coast. Off to Asia for a month now, lets hope I stay clear off any nuts and not just the ones you eat!!!


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