Introduction…..April 1st

My names Mark Gorman, I’m 19 from Bradford and for my Gap Year Matthew, I’m going to be…..

Coaching soccer in the USA!

I was extremely lazy when planning my gap year (as I wanted to do something where I didn’t have to save up much money but could still travel for months) and it had reached November and I was jobless and clueless….luckily however someone told me about mls camps…where you can go to the USA for next to nothing and get paid while your out there!

So I applied for that and, as they say, the rest is history, and I’m jetting off to New York tomorow!

I’m very excited cos I’ve always dreamed of going to America, so this experience seems ideal for me! For the first 3 months I’ll be in Connecticut, an hours drive from NYC, then in the summer I’ll be moving all around the country as I do summer camps!

Anyone reading this who is in the north east of America between April and September, give me a shout and maybe we could meet up?

Spk 2 y’all soon and shout me a holla (see I’m learning the lingo already!) (cough) loser (cough) 😳

Mark ‘Gormo’ Gorman

PS: I got delayed in getting this diary online, so the publish dates arnt neccaserily the dates when the diary was written…if that makes sense????

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