The first week…

Lets start with the flight……(aka the seven most boring hours of my life)
Having never flown a long haul flight before I didn’t know what to expect as I stepped onto the plane. As I made my way up the shiny silver steps I was greeted by two very smart air hostesses, never had that before, I was then handed a bag containing a pillow a blanket some circulation socks and a toothbrush, never had that before, I was then led into the plane and I was in heaven….the seats were like beds with excessive amounts of leg room, the tv’s were bigger than mine at home and as I was getting extremely excited looking for my seat number I was quickly hurried into what I refer to as a slightly larger version of the back of my dads car (aka economy). It hadnt occured to me that these seats were for the rich and famous. From here on the whole experience got a little worse….the choice of movies was absolutely crap for want of a better word, I couldnt get comfy on my seat to go to sleep, my batteries to my CD player ran out roughly twenty minutes into the flight and my collection of Zoo, Nuts and FHM lasted me around 2 1/2 hours of the flight.
So its safe to say I was more than ready to get out off the plane.
The job…….
Well heres the part where this diary starts to get a little better!!!! I’ll cut straight to the chase…I’m working in NEW YORK!!!!! Yeah I told every1 I was flying to new York, but so did 30 other people and 25 of them are travelling to places like Ohio, Connecticut and Maine as we speak. But I’m actually working in New York!!!! I have the majority of camps in upstate New York and I’m one of only a hand full of coaches to actually have a camp in Manhattan!!!!! And because Im working in New York and the affiliation between MLS camps and the New York Metrostars is so strong, Im actualy working for the Metrostars! This means im kitted out in metrostars gear, get a season ticket to all the games, get to meet the players and am effectively part of the staff at Metrostars!
The accomodation…….
At the moment I’m staying in a rented house with 4 other lads in a place called clinton, which is about 2 1/2 hours drive from New York city. The house is big and the lads Im staying with are really sound. The best news about this house is that I’m leaving in two weeks to move closer to New York, its in a place called Milford, its a brand new house (and hears the bombshell) its a BEACH HOUSE! Oh yes…I’m going to be living in a beach house, and we’ll be moving there just as the weather starts to get nice and toasty (at the minute its as cold as england over here we’ve even had a bit of snow).

So thats about it for my first week in the USA!

We’re planning a night out for thursday….so hopefully I’ll have a few stories for you after that! 😛

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