The "night out"

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Instead of waiting for a few months to allow us time to settle in and build up a few stories so i could tell you when I get back, fate decided it would make this diary a hell of a lot more interesting if a whole load of funny/interesting/dam rite dangerous stuff happened to us in the very first nite out.

New Haven

“I thought you had to be 21 to go out” I hear you cry….well you have to be 21 to drink, however most clubs now employ a system where us under 21 but over 18s can come into their lovely establishements and drink ‘punch’! So me and my mate tim tracked down a few under 21 clubs in a nearby city called New Haven (home to the famous University of Yale) and set off with another 2 over 21 lads called Brandon and Adam. Being the genius’s we are we figured that Under 21 clubs would probobaly be very popular with Uni students, so we headed towards the Uni looking for a place to park up, we came off the interstate took a left turn and before we knew it we were in the ghetto! Ah! We’d barely had time to realise this when this extremely suspicious looking homeboy walked out infront of our car and pulled a ballaclaver over his head and we hit the brakes…*t! Every single thought went through my head….and I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that we were about to get car jacked….however this extremely scary looking man decided cars wernt his thing and he proceeded to walk on to the shop just across the road, I now feel sorry for the shop owner, however there was little time to be worried about other people and we quickly did a u turn and shit ourselves all the way to a safer place in the city.
Spot the dodgy character…
After parking up we then proceeded to find ourselves a club, we were directed to a place called Image, which we were told was an Under 21….we found it and low and behold it was! We walked in to find the place dead, but were told it was early and it would be packed in a couple of hours. So we waited paitiently, and a trickle of people began to fill the top floor. Adam and Brandon the over 21s decided they were a little bored and tried a club next door for half an hour. Me and tim supped away at red bull trying to build up the courage to dance sobre (as Im sure your all aware men posess very little ability to dance, alcohol does not enhance this ability…it mearly decreases your ability to notice how crap and of out sync with the music your are). By about 12, we could barely sit still as the caffeine took control of our body and we built the courage to get out of our seats and get on the dance floor, it wasnt till we sat up that we realised the club was full!!!

The music was pumping!!!! And me and tim made up about half of all the white people in there!!!!(the other two being two girls who looked like extra’s from a sean paul video) but we started dancing never the less and NERD began to play so I started to actually enjoy myself….I did notice people looking at me, but I didnt feel threatened, well not until one girl decided to start moving her arse on tim like a washing machine on spin mode….after that a few of the home boys started to take offence. Adam and Brandon returned and quickly dragged us out of the club, helpfully pointing out that the majority of the people in the club were black….just in the nick of time 2!

Then adam and brandon suggested that it would be fun if they went into the club they were in to start a bit of trouble so they could get chased out of the club and run to the car where me and tim would be waiting. It had been nearly half an hour and we began to think something had gone very wrong,however it turns out that when they got in there, they got chatting to some bird and decided to stay in there , leaving me and tim sat in the car like numpties for ages. We rang them and told them to hurry up, when we found out that they were making us wait because they were chasing a few cheap birds we thought it would be funny to drive off just as they reached the car when they came back!

SO as they approached we drove a few yards forward, then as they caught us up we did it again, then we kept doin it till they were out of breath….it wasnt till we looked behind them that we noticed about 6 lads chasing them down the street! We decided the mature thing to do would be to let them in the car….so we did….we then noticed a car was racing along behind us….which just happened to have a few members of this group who were chasing us! After a few laps of New Haven we decided to get on the highway…and after a few minutes of ducking and diving we managed to lose em!
So thats then end of that story…… 😯

The future…..

Well here I go again….I’ve got the week off so this week Im going to be sight seeing in Manhattan, doing a bit more shopping…ow and I nearly forgot…going to a Knick’s game….they just happen to be playing the Chicago Bulls….ha!

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