New York, New York! (pics will be posted soon)

On thursday me and tim (i know thats not correct grammer) went to new york sightseeing! We got a tube in from new jersey and it took us rite underneath ground zero! I was stood there for around an hour, there is nothing there anymore…it is completely fenced off….there is just a massive void there that has been left by the towers. We’ve all seen the programs about 9/11, we’ve all seen the footage of the towers falling down and of the people running from the buildings, we’ve all imagined how unbelievably horrible (horrible is too subtle a word to use, but i dont think there is a single word that can describe wot the people who died went through that day) it must have been to actually have been there at the time of them collapsing, we’ve also seen the people running through the srteets as the toweres collapsed and we’ve all seen the aftermath of this horrific disaster. But nothing you’ve seen on the television can prepare you for the emotions and thoughts that you feel when you stand outside the fence reading the plaques, seeing the seemingly endless list of names of people who died, as you look around at the streets that surround ground zero and only then can you begin to imagine what it must have been like. There is such an eary feeling around this place, hundreds of people stand around in silence trying to take in what happened that day…and yet just across the street life goes on as normal as if this huge space has no significance, such is life in New York.
Anyway! Just before we all start reaching for the anti-depressants I think I’ll move on!

During my trip to New York I knew I had to do some major sightseeing….unfortunately my partner Tim didn’t think going on a ‘Sex and the City’ Tour on an open top bus would be adequate use of our time in the ‘big apple’ (does any1 know why its called that?)….so we kept on walking for around three hours till we hit the empire state building! At which point we abruptley stopped for about an hour while we q’d up to get inside. Once we got inside we went through a little opening, round a corner AND…..found ourselves at the back of another que! Half way round and roughly 45 minutes later a tour guide came round announcing that if we paid an extra $12 we could jump the que and go get our ticketsto a special digital tour of New York as well as tickets to go to the top of the building….sounded like a good idea…so we did! And we were off….up one flight of stairs, up another and another till we got to the ticket booth! Woohoo! We paid for our tickets, thanked the lady who served, patted ourselves on the back for using some initiative and saving ourselves an hour of q’ing, walked round the corner and….found ourselves at the back of another que! (can you see where I’m goin with this) So we q’d we waited, we went on the ‘digital'(rip off) tour of new york q’d to get the top of the building, q’d sum more and when we got up there……it was raining! Which means visibility had dropped from 15 miles to around 1.5 miles….which basically meant i could see across the road! Well worth the wait….ow and we had to q to get back down!

So that was Manhatten….we then went on to watch a game of basketball….unfortunately the knicks v bulls was sold out…so i went to the New York Nets V Orlando Magic, which was still a sh*t hot game…it mite not have had the superstars playing (or watching) the game but it was still a great experience…plus I can tick ‘watching an NBA game’ off my to do list!

Nothing very interesting happened on the way back….it had been a long day, so I fell asleep…no problems there then! Its just a shame the driver, tim, also fell asleep and, although i was totally unaware of it at the time, we ended up veering across three lanes and nearly into the side of the highway…i think the chances of me ever coming back to england alive have vastly decreased in the last two weeks!


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