Not quite a Boston ‘tea’ party….


Long time no see, well here we are again at the beginning of another story, as told by me. We’re going to start of with last weekend, last Saturday (22/5) to be precise, last Saturday at around 10.30 to be even more precise.

It was like any other Saturday, I awoke at around 6.00am feeling rather tired and hungover from the previous nights exploits. I dragged myself out of bed, got changed and went for breakfast with the rest of the clubs board who I work with. We set up the fields for match day and began watching the games while handing out flyers promoting MLS camps etc. Yet this Saturday was not going to be like any other Saturday. A chance conversation with a parent who Anthony (the guy i work with) knows turned into an offer. The parent, Dave, was going to Boston in the afternoon for a night out…and he wondered if we wanted to join him!

“Ow hell yeah!” was our official reply.

We quickly made our excuses as to why we had to leave, we left the field, packed our bags and within a little over and hour we were heading for Boston (it would have been a little under an hour had we not reached the rendezvous point with Dave only to realise I had forgot my money, only upon returning to the rendezvous after retrieving my money, did i realise realise I had also forgotten my ID).

Damn I love being spontaneous though!

Well after 1 1/2 hours of smooth cruising, followed by 30 mins of excruciating pain caused by the fact that I needed a toilet that we couldn’t find, after drinking too much water, we safely arrived at our hotel the ‘Windham Boston’! A little upper class for a boy from Bradford, might I say, but bang smack in the middle of the night life.

We had a brief look around what is probobaly Americas most interesting and historical city, however this was extremely brief due to three factors; it was bollok freezing (and we forgot our jackets), we were knackered, and the final factor, we came here to drink…not have a history lesson. So we quickly returned to our room and fell asleep.

2 hours later we were up, showered and looking good. We headed for a place called Fenuial Hall (which sounds fancy and interesting, but the main attraction was that it had lots of bars near it!) We drank in a few different places before being directed towards a club which apparently had 5 floors and was one of the biggest clubs in town. Well, for one of the biggest (and tallest) clubs in town, it sure was a pain in the arse to find! 45 minutes it took us to find the place, this was after we had asked 5 different people for directions to it! Never the less, we found it….and the hour long cue that accompanied it.

59 minutes later I couldn’t stand still because of the excitement (or maybe it was because my weak bladder was failing me again), still, our night was going great! We were in a great city, having a superb night out, my fake ID was working wonders and we were about to go into one of the biggest clubs in New England! That was until the bouncer stopped me and refused my entry, and why? Was it because I look nothing like the guy in the ID….no!
Was it because I looked like I was tripping due to the fact I couldn’t stand still….no!
Was it because it was the one and only frickin club in the whole of the United frickin states that didn’t allow trainers in??????
Ding ding ding ding, we have a winner! Congratulations mark, you’ve just managed to waste your entire night out in Boston because you q’d up for the only club that doesnt allow people to wear ‘sneakers’!

So where did we end up? In an Irish bar with a guy named Eugene singing! Woop didly, frickin doo!

However we did still manage to drink quite a bit of alcohol, I even learned a couple of Irish folk songs (which i shamelessly attempted to sing) 😳

The conclusion….
Well Boston is a nice city! Compared to New York (its bitter rival in everything from Baseball to tiddlywinks) its a lot cleaner, a lot friendlier and a little smaller. It has a lot of history (ever heard of the Boston tea party? Well it links in well to the second part of my email) and it has a lot of night life. Boston is home to the ‘Cheers’ bar, you know Cheers from TV, ‘where every body knows your name’ . Well so it claims, the original is impossible to find, and the new one is a cheap imitation rip off, and did they know my name?
Did they hell!

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