And so on to the summer…

Well, as they say (who are ‘they’ anyway?) all good things must come to an end…this was true of my stay in Trumbull!

After returning from a great July 4th break, I reluctantly packed my bags, said some very long and emotional goodbye’s to a family who had become my family over the past three months (soppy I know, and yes a little corny but ultimately very true) and left very early on a sunday morning to make my way to that nice little city called Newark, New Jersey where I would be reunited with my fellow coaches and dispersed around different parts of the country!

I felt very nervous as I entered the meeting place, as many of the coaches knew each other from working in large groups during the spring. I’d only worked with Anthony, who pretty much disliked the whole coaching staff based on appearance, so I had to start making friends quickly!

A bit of good news greeted me upon entering the meeting room, I wasnt being sent off to pensylvania , which to be honest did not conjur up many good mental images, I had instead been sent to a place called Manlius in upstate NY!

And so, roll on the summer….

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