Week 1…Manlius

The Destination:

Manlius, NY

Manlius is a very small town in upstate New York, situated near a city called Syracus. Its quite small, but still has the essentials such as a burger king and a few bars!

The Coaches:

Eddie: A rather senior member of the MLS coaches. Well known for his excellent work on Long Island over the last two seasons. He’s also an absoluate legend! Extremely funny manc, who’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met while over here…also a fantastic football and a bit of a mincer!

Dan: I’d seen Dan throughout the spring and he came across a little bit arrogant…but after a 6 hour car drive with him I’d begun to change my opinion of this guy. After living in the same bug infested house as him for a week I actually really like this lad now…he too is very funny and quite a good footballer.

Jonus: I’d seen Jonus at the coaches training sessions in London and thought he was a bit of a clown! Apart from being swedish, he’s also got the co-ordination of a 3 yr old and the fashion sense of a german tourist! However, after some near death experiences courtesy of his driving on the way to our destination combined with his inability to sing Old McDonald had a farm with the 3-5yr olds, my opinion of Jonus also changed for the better! This guy is hilarious, I couldnt figure out whether this was due to his crazy accent, his quirkyness or because he was generally funny, but he managed to make me laugh constantly for an entire week!

Anna: I never really got to know Anna that well, I think she was a little intimidated by being on a camp full of very loud, testosterone filled male coaches…but she was nevertheless a very nice girl who also enjoyed a good laugh!

Webby: Probobly the most interesting character of the 5 coaches I was placed with for a week. A true stereo type of the typical ‘cockney geezer’…think bubble from big brother crossed with david brent. As genuinely a nice lad as I think he was, he was also very loud and in your face and also extremely boastful! To look at him you would think he was a very low sunday park player, however he claimed to be a semi pro footballer who’d let himself go slightly (if slightly is about 5 stones over weight) because of a shoulder injury. A believeable story, until we saw him play! While i couldnt knock his coaching knowledge or enthusiasm, when he crossed the line and begain playing he had no idea what he was doing! and lacked the complete ability to kick a ball with any technique or skill!

Family Housing:

The Browns…well, what can I say about the Browns? They were an interesting Family to say the least! Very nice people…and quite enthisiatic about us staying with them…and that pretty much wraps up the positives! The negatives unfortunately outweighed these by about 10-1! Throughout the entire week, Dan and myself had one meal courtesy of the Browns…this consisted of a few left over vegetables that had been reheated and some chicken! Never one to moan to much (not out loud at least) I was content in purchasing a subway twice a day and I took it with a pinch of salt. Due to dan Jonus and myself doind a double camp, we didnt get to see much of the family, we did however see a lot of our rooms that we slept in…and after a couple of days we noticed that our rooms were infested with little maggot type creatures that were crawling out from underneath the shower and dispersing themselves around the room, on the walls, in our bags and on top of the celings! I had to purchase some flip flops as i couldnt bring myself to walk around the house bare foot and i reguarly had to kill around 50 little maggots around my sleeping area to ensure I didnt wake up with one in my mouth. Apart from that though i thoroughly enjoyed myself at the Browns 😯

The Camps:

Morning camp: Very enjoyble camp with all 5 coaches. Worked with 9-11 yr olds. I was very nervous as this was my first camp of the summer and my first session for about a month

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