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6 months changes lots

Updated 5 years, 3 months ago

It wasn't more than half a year ago... a leave of absence? Wonderful! ONE YEAR? Wow! But sometimes our optimism overtakes or senses / realism.

I was to leave in early September 2012 for a worldwide adventure that would take me where destiny (does this exist) turned its corner, where the camel made its journey, where the reindeer made its decent.

Well, the gist from above, the key word being 'was'. I did not leave as intended, timing just wasn't not opportune. However, I was able to take a short 10 day Canadawide whirlwind journey to rejoin with friends and family.

Now, here at the Air Canada Lounge, I await my fligt home to Newfoundland... 9am, 10am, 10:37am... when can I pour myself a drink?

Back to the real world tomorrow. What is the real world but what you make it... I enjoy my everyday life, so looking forward to jumping right back in with both feet. Good news is, I may just well be on my way late October / early Novemeber on an African adventure. Not the worldwide trip I initially had planned, but the 6/7 weeks may just have to do for now. This may actually be what I need, rather than planning a year long journey, only to discover, that my desire for luxury... plush sheets and duvets, down pillows, free wine at 34,000 ft, rare cooked steak 5 times a week, may inconvience me as I stay at $5 hostels and eat from street venders, only as much so to keep me sustained.

I'll be back home and enjoy Christmas as all my other years; with friends and family. Decorate my fresh cut tree, the house, all while the carols play on the turntable and the maple glazed brie, covered in toasted pecans, bakes in the oven. Oh, and you can't forget the red wine... tall glasses of course and some brut rose for the bubbly!

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