Two months to go

So, as far as i can work out, this is where the panic starts to set in – What else do I still need to buy, Have i budgeted enough etc etc. Maybe its because i dont have a job and therefore nothing to take my mind off things but i seem to spend most days re-reading all the info that STA gave me – where my first few nights accomodation is, how to get there from the airport, whats included on my oz experience/kiwi experience passes. At this rate ill have memorised everything before i leave!

Did manage to get myself an appointment at the doctors for my jabs so thats one thing of any “to do” list that i havent yet created! Next to do is to start buying things such as a backpack, kind of essential, and first aid kits. Been taking advice from people about the sort of pack to buy (a front opening one) but havent yet made it to the shop.

Have bought some travel guides for the appropriate places and in some countries, mainly USA, still trying to settle on a route. Think my current flight arrangements may be altered to allow less time on the west coast and more on the east. Also thinking of getting over to canada, in particular toronto, and spending some time there.

Anyway, hopefully by the next time i post things will seem a bit more organised. Think ive managed to control what ive written but believe me got all sorts of thoughts and ideas spinning round my head when im trying to sleep!

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