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One month to go

Updated 13 years, 4 months ago

Time is really flying right now. Keep thinking of all the things ive got to do, and realising that i dont have as much time as i think. I know a month sounds like a long time, but theres still plenty of things need buying and lots of other things to sort out such as changing up money.

I have, however, managed to borrow a backpack off a friend. Ive promised her postcards from each country (certainly not each city) and any strange musical instruments i find. Not sure about that one myself, but its got to be cheaper than buying a brand new pack! Ive also got myself a day pack, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner and a travel towel as well as lots of new clothes. I probably wont take half of them, but any excuse to go shopping! Ive had my vaccinations from the doctor and bought malaria tablets.

Im going to have to go back to STA at some point as well, to pickup the final bits of paperwork, answer any last minute queries I might have and collect my Japanese rail pass.

Then all there is to plan is a leaving party (a very essential moment)! It should be fairly easy with the majority of my friends but the problem will be with my uni friends. I might find myself visiting all over the country, if i cant get them all into the same place at the same time. I guess that just means a week long party. Any old excuse!

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