So I arrived here yesterday after an 11 and a half hour flight, and got the Narita Express train into Tokyo. Was chatting to a lovely Japanese girl who had been to London for 3 days. Personally I thought she was a little crazy for doing that length flight in such a short period of time! Arrived there by 11.15 and as I couldnt check into my hotel until 4.00 was left with the prospect of wandering around for almost 5 hours. In the end I decided to get the train to Ueno, as it was half way to my hotel. There I left my bag in a locker at the station and went out to look around.

This was my first time actually outside in Japan as I hadnt left Tokyo station, an incredibly large and busy place, when I was there. Headed to Ueno park in the pouring rain and spent a couple of hours looking around. Had a crazy Japanese man talk to me outside one of the Shrines about what my impression of Japan was. He then spent 20 minutes telling me how the Japanese were shy, during which time he didnt pause for breathe once!

Left him and went down to the market, then wandered around some shops. Eventually decided to get the subway to my hotel and see if theyd let me check in early. They did! Was planning to get out in the evening but had crashed out by half 5 as I was so tired. I got no sleep on the flight.

Got up at 9.00 this morning and went into Tokyo and looked round the Imperial Palace Gardens then headed to the National Museum of Modern Art. Would like to say it was because I was feeling intelligent but in truth the rain had got heavier!

Tomorrow, I think Im going to go to Asakusa, then on Friday Im heading for Kyoto and the surrounding areas.

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