Tokyo, Kyoto

Spent thursday morning in Asakusa, looking at the temple. It was probably the best one I’ve seen so far. Also had a wander through the market next to it and all the stalls seemed to be selling lanterns and “hello kitty” keyrings!

In the afternoon I headed to the music shop area of Tokyo, hoping to find the musical instruments that I’d been requested to find. Unfortunately, I did not find anything that I couldn’t not recognise – they were all guitars or other stringed instruments.

In the evening I headed back to Asakusa for dinner then went on to Roppongi for a few drinks with Lisa, a girl from the hostel. Found the British and Irish pubs and spent a long time talking to the ex-pats there.

Yesterday, I got the shinkansen (bullet train) down to Kyoto with Lisa, and managed to get lost trying to my hostel. Found it eventually!

Spent this morning looking at one of the temples in the Higashiyama region of Kyoto. Then we went to the Municipal Art Gallery, the Handicraft Centre and the Zoo. Found a little cafe that sold a tuna and mayonnaise curry, but decided against that for lunch!

Left there to go to the Imperial Palace, but were disappointed to find you could only get in if you had pre-booked, so in the end we gave up and came home. Probably going to out of kyoto on day trips the next couple of days, but haven’t fully decided where to yet.

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