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Hiroshima, Miyajima

Updated 13 years, 2 months ago

Hiroshima is a much more relaxed city than any of the others Ive visited. The majority of the sites are in, or within walking distance of, the Peace Park. Spent one day there looking at all the memorials and statues. Found some beautiful gardens to wander round, though they were full of Japanese school boys who were supposed to be drawing, but were generally harrassing anyone who walked past!

On my second full day, I headed for Miyajima, a small island of the Hiroshima coast. Its famous for one of its shrines, which is the 3rd most beautiful site in Japan. Started walking up a path, to see a temple, then carried on after and before I realised it I was half way up the mountain! Went a bit further, then decided to stop being stupid and to go back down. Mountain climbing is not my speciality!

Im back in Tokyo now, then on monday, I fly onto Hong Kong for a week.

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