Hong Kong, Bangkok

Had a few lazy days at the end of my time in Hong Kong. Headed to the Museum of History and watched the Auxiliary Medical Services passing out parade in the park. Also managed to watch 3 Premiership games in one go. (They get a 3oclock game live as well) which cured my football withdrawal symptoms. Saw the Palace Arsenal game and think everyone in the pub knew I was a Palace fan by the end of it 😆 Had to put up with Cantonese commentary which was interesting, the only bit I could work out was the names of players. Every now and then you heard an Andy Johnson or the best an Aki Reetee. (Means nothing to you non-palace fans I know, but someone out there will appreciate it!).

Went back up the peak in the evening and bumped into one of guys whod been in my hostel a few days before. Turns out his friend from uni was in the year below me at school and hapened to be in Hong Kong at that time visiting another uni friend they had there, so had a chat with her and had dinner with the 3 of them.

Arrived in Bangkok 2 days ago. This place smells. Couldnt find my transfer at the airport, so eventuall a helpful man found him for me and brought him to me. I reckon hed been hiding cos id walked up and down the arrivals lounge 3 times! Hotel is ok, but does have a King size bed. Its GREAT 😀 .

Yesterday, it was over 35 degrees. Headed for the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaeo and Wat Pho. They were very pretty, but reckon its going to be very easy to get Watted out.

Today, I went to the national museum. Could hear thunder whilst I was inside, but it didnt start raining so didnt mind. When I left, however, it absolutely chucked it down. After about 30 seconds of being in it, I probably could have rung more water out of my clothes than the whole of the Australian outback gets in a year. Having lived in Swansea for 3 years though, I was used to it. It stopped as I got back to the hotel. Typical.

Heading down south to the beaches in a couple of days, which I cant wait for. If they are not like the pictures, I shall be very disappointed!

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