Ao Nang

Spent yesterday island hopping. Wasnt as sunny as we would have liked but at least we didnt burn. Headed for Bamboo Island, Viking Cave, Lagoons, Maya Beach (where “The Beach” was filmed), Monkey bay and a couple of snorkelling spots. Had lunch on Phi Phi Don. Standing in the sea, all the fish were swimming round and in between my legs. Was fine until one of them bit me! In the evening, had an all you can eat buffet, complete with all you can eat ice cream for dessert.

Today, we went on a elephant trek. Got some funny photos of boys looking scared (think camels in Gran Canaria, those of you who were there). Spent an hour trekking, saw monkeys in the trees and iguanas. After the trek, got to feed the elephants and watch them bath. We also went on a jungle walk, held chamelions and played tarzan and jane – which wasnt as much fun as it sounds unfortunately.

In the afternoon, we hired a longboat and got it to take us to some of the neighbouring beaches. Went to Railay Beach, then headed over to Chicken Island. Very gorgeous island, with completely clear seas. By about 4 we could see rain clouds in the distance, so decided to have one last dip in the sea then get back on the boat. Big mistake. We had been in the water about 1 minute when the rain came and came down very, very hard. ran for cover under teh boat but although it had a roof it didnt have any side protection so we still got soaked. Half way back to Railay Beach the driver stopped the boat to empty bucket loads of water out of the bottom back into the sea. Slightly worried for a bit as we were nowhere near land. Spent another hour at railay Beach then came back to Ao Nang.

In the evening, went back to the restaurant we went a couple of nights back where you get to choose which fish you eat. They are already dead though, so its not like you are condemning them to death. After, went and got a second Thai massage. Think this one hurt more than the first and things certainly went pop especially when my body was completely twisted round. Anyway, feel a lot better for it now. Got to be up early tomorrow as leaving for Penang in Malaysia at 6.15.

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