Kuala Lumpur, Melaka

Found a Topshop so had to go in and buy something. It would have been rude not to. Then found the nicest bakery with chocolate doughnuts. That counted as dinner! Spent the evening sat up on the roof with a few beers.

Next morning, we went to the Petronas twin towers and up to the observation deck on the 41st floor. Views out over the city though lots of things appeared to be on fire judging by the amount of black smoke! Had another doughnut for lunch. Went to the KL tower to watch the sunset. Much better views – fully panoramic. The commentary on the headsets had to be heard to be believed! Went out in the evening for Hazels birthday. A day early, but we figured we’d just start celebrating proper at midnight. Ended up in a bar with a live band who dragged her on stage to sing “Happy Birthday”.

Next day, spent the morning sleeping in the common room as we’d had to check out the roms at 11, but werent leaving till 2. Got the bus to Melaka. The hotel here has a rooftop jacuzzi and the biggest big screen in Malaysia for showing sport or films. A group of us watched some dodgy films in one of our rooms (about tooth fairies almost ruining xmas was all I could understand of the plot) with fake pringles (much smaller than real ones), chocolate, cheese and biscuits and doughnuts. The mint one was a little odd to say the least!

This morning, spent an hour in the jacuzzi and sunbathing, then went to the Musuem of Enduring Beauty. Its all about different tribes ways of beautifying themselves. Very interesting, but some of the pictures of the long necked women or the men with lip plates about a foot long were rather odd. Spent the afternoon back on the roof in the jacuzzi. Managed to get a little burnt though!

In the evening we went to the food court of the shopping centre for dinner. Then we went back to the hotel for drinks before heading out to a local r&b club. Came back and watched some of the Champions League games on ESPN in my room before eventually going to bed at 4.00.

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