So, spent my last few hours in Singapore sat in the computer room as it was raining heavily outside. Watched a rather random film. If any of you get the chance to watch “Dead End”, dont – its not worth it!!!

Flew to Sydney, getting barely any sleep on the way. Landed 6.30 local time, 3.30 Singapore time so had breakfast at about 2.00 in the morning. Not really ideal! Checked in to the hotel, then went out to help Hazel and Duncan sort out their bank accounts as they are both working out here. By midday, we all needed sleep so had a couple of hours kip before going down to the Harbour. Started at Mrs Macqueries Chair, getting views of the Opera House and the Bridge, then walked through the Botanical Gardens and round to the Opera House. Doesnt seem quite as impressive close up as it does from a distance, but still very cool.

Yesterday, as temperatures were predicted to be 42 degrees, we decided to hit the beach. Got the ferry over to Manly and spent the day there lounging around the beach and sea. In the evening, we went to the Bar below the hotel, where I bumped into Holly and Rhiannon, two other Gap Year girls who I had met up with in London before we all left. Managed to start talking to a Brighton fan who seemed to think they were better than Palace. Had to put him right based on current League positions and the fact that we stuffed them 5-0 last time we played them. That was one arguement he was not going to win! Had a very good night all round.

Today, we headed to Darling Harbour and walked around there. Very relaxing day after last nights exertions. Hoping to meet up with Darren and Andrew, also off the Asia tour tonight, if we can find them. Went to their hotel earlier but they werent there.

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