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New Year

Updated 13 years, 2 weeks ago

Had some very relaxing days since Christmas. Went up the Harbour Bridge Pylon to get photos as I couldnt do that on the Bridge Climb as you are not allowed to take cameras up. Also went, along with half of the rest of Sydney, to the Aquarium. I would love to know what Aquariums did before Finding Nemo was released as every 10 metres there was a sign saying "this way to Nemo", "can you see Nemo", "can you find Nemo's friends". Got a bit tedious after a while. Also, managed to change a couple of my flights to give me longer in New Zealand and less time in America. (Dont worry Rach, Ill still be back for your wedding)! Also, went to Palm Beach where they film Home and Away and saw "The Surf Club".

New Years Eve, we set off early for the Harbour to get a good spot. Were there by about 10.00 meaning a whole day in 30+ degrees of heat along with approximately 50000 others. Was a great atmosphere down there and the fireworks were spectacular. They have two displays, one at 9.00 for the kids and then the big one at midnight. There was also a giant glitter ball hung from the bridge which was supposed to change colour but couldnt see it from where we were. However, as we crossed the bridge coming back from Palm Beach yesterday, we could see it much more clearly.

Happy New Year.

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