Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane

Rained in Byron Bay, which kept the list of things to do at a minimum. Byron is a great place to chill but if you cant get to the beach you run out of things to do. Didnt fancy walking to the lighthouse in that weather either. Instead, those of us from our bus who were still there (which was most of us) piled into the boys apartment and spent the afternoon watching films. All went out again in the evening as a going away party for those of us leaving the next day.

After 3 hours sleep, the next day we all piled back on the bus for the short 2 hour drive to Surfers Paradise. This could be a Spanish or Greek resort town with all the high rise buildings except that there was noone playing football on the beach – they all prefer cricket down here. Got a limo ride as part of the transfer from the bus stop to the hostel depsite it only being a short walk. Spent the day just wandering around the shopping centre about 15 bus ride out of town.

Decided to go to the beach the next day, though it was very windy down there and instead we all ended up covered in sand, so after about half an hour we gave up and had a look round the shops instead. In general, the time spent here was very relaxing.

This morning, after out complimentary limo drive back to the bus stop, we drove to Brisbane. Stopped on route at a zorb centre. This involves running down a hill in what can best be described as a hamster ball. Depsite many of us wanting to do it, we have all decided to wait until New Zealand where the hill is steeper and longer!

Got to Brisbane to find just about everything shut. I know its a sunday, but this is supposed to be the capital of Queensland, but it seems more like a ghost town. The only shops that were open were the supermarkets and theres a limit to how long you can walk round them without feeling really hungry! Decided to go to the cinema instead, but there was barely anything on there either, so weve settled for “The Incredibles”. Hoping for better things tomorrow.

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