Fraser Island, Hervey Bay

Set off for Fraser Island on a 3 day, 2 night guided tour. Took the ferry across where we got into our specially adapted 4WD buses. First stop was Central Station where we got out to do a 30minute rainforest walk alongside a river. Then we drove to Eurong Beach Resort, our home for the next 2 nights, for lunch. Had to change buses as ours had a flat tyre then drove onto the beach. Here, for $60 we got a 20minute plane ride, taking off and landing on the beach over the whole island. The views were spectacular.

After landing, we carried on up 75 mile beach to Coloured Sands, where supposedly there are 75 different colours, but we only saw 2 – dark yellow and light yellow. Next stop was Red Canyon then Indian Head. Sometimes you can see sharks and dolphins swimming in the water below but all we could see was one turtle. Here, the new bus decided to get a flat battery, meaning we were stranded on a gorgeous beach, with small lagoon for 30mins till we got a new one. Sometimes, its a hard life. The beach and lagoon had a few jellyfish floating around in it though. We drove back down stopping at the Maheno shipwreck, which was washed ashore in 1935 and Eli Creek. Then it was back to the resort for our all you can eat buffet roast dinner.

Next morning we were up early to drive a short way up the beach, then do a 2km walk inland to Wabby Lake. This involved going over lads of sanddunes – fun to run down, but not so fun to get up. Lake Wabby is situated in the corner of one of these dunes and has loads of fish swimming in it. We walked up to the look out point where we could then see the lake, dunes, beach and out to the ocean. Walking back from the lake, we took a 2km bush walk, which was much shadier than the dunes.

As the tour was supposed to be 2 days, but we had booked an extra day, we had the afternoon to ourselves so we spent it relaxing in the pool. It was so hot there wasnt really anything else we wanted to do.

Early the next morning, we decided to get up at 4.30 to watch the sunrise. Stayed for about half an hour but couldnt see the sun so decided it must be hidden behind the clouds. Found out later we’d been given the wrong time and sunrise was actually 5.30 and by then there were no clouds at all. Again, spent the morning lazing round the pool.

In the afternoon, we drove to Lake McKenzie. The way it was formed makes it no more than a giant puddle, but its the best puddle you will ever see. White sands and 3 or 4 shades of blue in the water. Had a picnic around it then went swimming. Its a freshwater lake and supposed to be really good for exfoliating and cleaning jewellery although we didnt try it. By the time we got back to the ferry it had begun to rain so we got off the island at the right time. Now back in Hervey bay with the monumental task of getting sand out of everything. Doesnt matter how many times you wash clothes it just wont go! At least its raining so we dont feel like we are missing out on good weather!

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