The Whitsundays, Townsville

Despite the appaling weather the boat trip went ahead. Once we got away from the harbour we raced against Broomstick, one of the boats from the same company. Had to help put up the sails, then sat with legs dangling over the high side trying to pretend we couldnt feel the rain. We stopped for lunch by Hook Island, then went off to go scuba diving. This area is part of the Great Barrier Reef and the coral and fish were amazing. Only went 6 metres down but got to touch some of the coral which was really soft. Had to wear stinger suits to protect us from the jelly fish. Sailed for a bit further that evening, then stopped at a small bay for the night.

That night the rain was torrential and didnt stop at all the next day. Even the crew said they had never seen anything like it. It was so bad that we had a complete white out – when u cant see anything around. At one point we managed to get lost. Every bit of clothing got wet, even those we werent wearing. Up on deck we had to wear very fetching yellow waterproofs. That night, rather than stay at sea again, the captain moored us in a marina on Hamilton Island so we could get off and use then shower facilities – the ones on the boat being so great we all decided not to use them for 3 days.

Woke up on the third day to hear reports of gale force winds which meant that legally all boats which hadnt left Airlie Beach couldnt, whilst those that had must return. Luckily for us it was our last day whilst for some boats they had to cut their trip short. With the wind so powerful, it took us half the length of time to get back. This meant that unfortuantely we didnt get to see much, well any, of the Whitsundays but we all had such a good time anyway. It was nice to finally get back on land and dry off though.

This morning, the rain had cleared up a little, which meant that the flooding on the roads had subsided. The last couple of days many of the roads had been closed. Drove to Townsville where we had the option of going to Magnetic Island for the night but due to the weather we all decided to stay here. This place is a lot like a ghost town. Went into the centre and there was no one about. There didnt even appear to be a McDonalds, though we did find it eventually.

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