Left Townsville en route to Cairns. Stopped for a bbq lunch at the Johnston River Crocodile Farm and got a tour. Got to hold a baby crocodile – dont worry, he had his mouth cellotaped closed – and had a python round my neck. Next stop was the AJ Hackett bungy site, where we were given another bbq and watched some of the bus doing bungys. Im saving mine till I get to Queenstown! Got to Cairns, and got a free dinner from the hostel – Ive never been fed so well. Went out in the evening and bumped into loads of people whod been on the same bus when we first left Sydney, which was cool, so spent the night catching up.

Spent some time just wandering around Cairns. Its quite a small place, but has a really good feel to it. All the streets are in blocks and look very similar and I seemed to spend a lot of time geting lost. They dont have a beach here, not that youd want to go swimming as the sea is infested with crocodiles, stingers and sharks, so they built a lagoon instead. At dusk, for about half an hour flying foxes fly over it almost constantly.

Went to Cape Tribulation, where the worlds oldest rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef – but dont forget insect repellent – I got bitten to shreds. On the way we stopped off at the Daintree river and went on a short cruise looking for crocodiles. All we saw, however, was one baby. On the way back from the Cape we stopped at Mossman Gorge for a short rainforest walk and a swim. The water was absolutley freezing, but as it had just started raining again it was probably the best place to be.

Yesterday, I went into the Atherton Tablelands. First stop was Cathedral Fig Tree, which from the inside looks like organ pipes. Then we drove to the Crater Lakes formed when there were still active volcanoes in the area. Did a short rainforest walk then drove to Lake Eacham. Stopped for lunch, then had a swim in the lake. Then we drove over to the Waterfalls. The first one, Millaa Millaa, is where the Timotei advert was filmed. You could swim right out and under the falls if you wanted. Then we went to Zillee and then Ellinjaa Falls. All were pretty amazing, helped by the recent large amounts of rain theyve been getting.

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