Auckland, LA

Went back to Auckland for 2 nights to pick up some final stuff before flying to the States. Also, met up with one of the guys from Paihia, which cut down the withdrawal symptoms slightly!

Flew to LA, meaning I had 15th March twice. Second one was slightly more eventful than the first but not by much. Got straight through American immigration with no queuing and no third degree – something of a rarity apparently. Got out to LAX airport with the daunting prospect of trying to get 2 buses over to Venice Beach. Somehow, with the help of a bus map, I managed to get to my hostel.

Venice Beach is a very interesting place, a good place for people spotting. There are so many people walking along the sidewalk talking to themselves, its quite worrying! Walked all the way along the beach to Santa Monica, so got a good look at them. Loads of shops along there to, but managed to resist them. (Almost).

Second day, I spent chilling on the beach, then in the evening went with some of the guys from the hostel to see a comedy show in Hollywood by Barry Goldman. Understood most of it, but every now and then he’d start joking about American brand food which went straight over my head. The Americans found it funny though. Took us at least 2 hours to get there because the roads are so bad which was enough to put me off leaving Venice again.

Yesterday, the weather decided to go very overcast, so lounged around the hostel, before heading out in the evening to celebrate St Patricks Day. Didnt make it into any Irish Bars as the queues, even from an early time, were long.

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