Seattle, Vancouver

Flew up to Seattle. Wasnt sure what to expect but so many people Id met travelling had told me that it was a good place to visit if I had spare time – which I did. The first afternoon was spent looking around the market. Mainly fresh fruit and veg which didnt take my fancy.

Next day, dodging rain showers, I took the monorail over to the Seattle Centre and to the Space Needle, built purely for the World Science Fair. On a clear day, the views from the top are supposed to be quite phenomenal, out over the Puget Sounds and to Mount Rainier and the Cascades. It was not a clear day. However, could see the whole city. Spent the afternoon in Pioneer Square, the historic part of town. Also went to the library on the advice of the woman at tourist information in the airport. Was obviously quite a new building but not sure why she sent me there.

Next day, strolled round the shops, then down to the harbour. Then walked out to Lake Union, the location of the houseboat used in Sleepless in Seattle. Found the right one, but it was quite a distance away at the end of a jetty into the lake, so couldnt see it all that well.

Day after and the sun came out – just as I was leaving. Caught the bus up to Vancouver by which time it was overcast again. Got a great backdrop as a city – all the mountains, which on a clear day look fantastic.

Thankfully, the sun was out the following morning, so could go off walking the seawall. Went down to Sunset Beach Park, carried on to English Bay Beach, then further to Stanley Park. This is definately a favourite with the locals, with its views out over the harbour over to the mountains. Having walked all the way around the edge of the 100 acre park, headed into Gastown, the historic part of Vancouver. The only thing of any note, however, was the steam clock, that almost looks as if its on fire. Almost.

Folowing day, caught a bus out to the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. Not because I want to go back to uni, although it was a million times better than where I went, but to go to the Museum of Anthropology. Saw some Totem Poles and a couple of sculptures by the famous (?) Bill Reid. After leaving there, went to the Nitobe Memorial Gardens, traditional Japanese style, and the Botanical gardens, both still part of the campus. Very different to Swansea!

Yesterday, went off walking again. This time around the seawall in the other direction, round False Creek to Granville Island. Was expecting more out of the island as everyone raves about it, but there was only the market and theres only so much fruit and veg a girl can look at! Took the ferry back across the Creek. Back in Seattle today, in order to catch a flight down to LA tomorrow.

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