Castle Hot Springs, San Diego, Los Angeles

Next day, we drove into the Arizona desert, headed for Cowboy Camp. The desert was full of the really tall cacti, as there are only two places where they grow. Once we’d got to Betty and Rustys Cowboy Camp, we went out horse riding into the desert for 3 hours. Had a genuine cowboy dinner, then listened to some stories and heard some genuine songs.

The following morning, after a cowboy breakfast, we drove on down to San Deigo for another deserved day off doing nothing. On the spare day, we all just lounged around on the beach, burying the tour leader and trying to do a pyramid – and if the photo doesnt make the next brochure none of us will be happy – we got some very strage looks. As it was our last night together, we had a big campfire and kept getting told off by the campground security for making too much noise.

The following day was the road back to Los Angeles. Arrived by midday and went to Univerasl Studios. Some of the highlights included the Shrek 4D show, the Jurassic Park ride and the studio tour which drove us along the street used in the set of desperate housewives. That night, those of us staying in the same hotel had one final meal, then headed on to the sports bar where they had an ineractive quiz. Came very close to winning one round which was not bad considering that they were American questions and we had 3 Brits, 1 Aussie and just 1 American. As there were 5 Trek vans in the hotel car park the tour leader went off to raid their coolers for beer, but couldnt find any other than the few we had left over in our van, so we took them up to one of the rooms for a couple of final drinks.

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