New York, Niagara Falls, Toronto

Caught a circle line ferry over to Liberty Island for a close up view of the Statue of Liberty, then went on to Ellis Island, where the immigrants used to first be admitted into America. Spent a couple of hours looking round the museum. Then went to the Museum of Jewish heritage, focusing mainly on the Holocaust. Went to Wall Street and saw the NY Stock Exchange. Watched sunset behind the Statue of Liberty, courteousy of the Staten Island Ferry (again), and saw the Manhatten skyline at night.

My final day in NYC I spent shopping – well its got to be done. Went to 5th Avenue, Bloomingdales, Times Square and everywhere in between. Watched the naming on the new Pope on a big screen in Times Square with what seemed like half on New York on their lunch break which was odd!

Had 12 hours on a train as I went over to Canada and the Niagara Falls. Should have been less but we got delayed due to track maintenance – least its not only Britain! Next day, I went down to see the Falls. On the Canadian side, I did the Maid of the Mist boat trip which takes you right into the Horseshoe Falls and gets you wet. Luckily, they provide waterproofs. Then crossed the border on foot back into the States to see the Falls from that side and walk around Goat Island, the small section of land in between the two sets of falls. The view is defaintely better from the Canadian side. Went back down again in the evening to see the falls by night when lights are shone onto them to light them up in all the colours of the rainbow.

The following day, I caught a bus up to Toronto, where it decided to rain constantly. Because of the weather, I didnt get to see a whole lot of the city, but I did manage to spend the whole of my second morning there watching the football – guess the rain does have its advantages! Saw some of the Legislative buildings, saw Guess Who at the cinema – I though it was supposed to be a comedy? On my final day, the weather cleared up enough to be able to get up the CN Tower. The views were not too bad. Went to the glass floor, which was a bit of a disappointment. They advertise it as the whole floor made of glass when in reality its just a small portion.

The next day, I had another 12 hour journey all the way back to New York, although this time it was on the bus and therefore had substantially less leg room. Back there just for the night, before heading off to Philadelphia.

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