Columbia, Charleston

Flew down to Columbia, South Carolina to stay with a friend, Jeanie, from uni who is at grad school here. She had pretty much finished her exams and had almost a free week until lectures started again. Me being there also enabled her to do the touristy things in Columbia that she had not done – most of which involved sampling local fast fod chains!

We went to Riverbanks zoo, which apparently is world famous, though not sure in which world. Took a while before some of the animals appeared so we amused ourselves in the meantime with the sealion and penguin demonstrations. They also had Botanical Gardens attached. From here we went to the State Museum. Its amazing how much there is to learn about South Carolina, from dinosaurs to the war! Managed to spend a good couple of hours here, though we didnt fully learn the reasoning behind everything on the state flag which would then come back to haunt us. That evening, we went to Trivia night and although we didnt win we didnt do too badly – or at least thats what im claiming. We did, however, get the flag question wrong and a footbal one which I was devasted about, though I cant be expected to be completely knowledgeable about football from the 1930’s.

Next day, we went to view some Historic Homes. They were very different but each was good in its own way. From there we went to the Capitol and did a tour, along with lots of elementary school kids. Sat in watching all the debates in the house, which were quite boring, mainly because I didnt have a clue what they were talking about!

Thursday morning Jeanie had her final exam – the amount of revision she’d done for did worry me slightly but she got a good grade so I guess she must just be a natural genius. Chilled out all afternoon, playing cards.

Following morning, we went to go see the final house of the Historic Homes but found out that, due to the ceiling falling down, they were not going to be conducting tours that day. In the evening, we went to the USC Med School graduation party for those second year grad students who had now finished. Free food and beer – cant complain.

Drove to Charleston for the weekend. The sun had come out so we thought the beach was the best place to be. Walked round Charleston for a bit looking at the old homes and the dog show! Then we drove over to the Isle of Palms. The beach was very windy so in the end we decided to go check in at the motel and finish the afternoon by the pool.

Spent the next morning by the pool as well, as apparently the wind was not supposed to have died down that much. Drove back to Columbia, for my final night at Jeanies. Managed, within a week, to sample lots of the local cuisine! This included Dippin’ Dots, Bojangles, Marble Slab, Dairy Queen and Lizards Thicket – surprisingly nice given the name! Also played a lot of cards and I think the only way to avoid an arguement would be to say that we drew!

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