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So after 7 months travelling I arrived back at Heathrow less than 48hours ago and Im already missing it. Unfortunately, lack of funds means Im going to be stuck in Croydon for a while yet. However, I guess that will give me plenty of time to plan my next trip – the list of places I want to go gets bigger by the day and by every conversation I have with someone whos been somewhere Ive not.

So, what are my immediate plans? Well, unfortunately I need one of those things called a job. Dont know a lot about them them apparently thats how you get money! Seriously though, I seem to have plans to spend the first few pay checks this coming week which is slightly worrying. Then comes the flat and the car.

Anyway, as I have a degree in Statistics I thought id bore you all with some of the stats from my trip. If you cant sleep, read on…

Miles Travelled: 30623
Continents Covered (excl Europe): 3
Countries Visited (this trip): 9
Countries Still to Visit: hundreds!
Flights Taken: 20
Mosquito Bites: Too many
Bed Bug Bites: None, thankfully
Amount of Money Spent: £’000s
Months Travelling: 7
Days Travelling: 214
Days Repeated: 1 – March 15th
Bungys Completed: 1
Skydives Completed: 1
Photos Taken: 1500+
Number of Magazines this has been printed in without my knowledge: 1 (unless there are more I dont know about)
Favourite phrase said to me: You’re too brown, go away
Friends made: loads
Memories: too many to count

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