My Most Extreme Adventure: Abseiling in Majorca

As you can see in the ‘Best travel story’ section on my profile page, my most adventurous – and terrifying – experience was getting trapped under a raft when I went White Water Rafting in Tennessee.

But, as I’ve already mentioned that one I’ll have to use an adventurous reserve story.

Another terrifying and adventurous experience was hanging upside down on the side of a 5 m cliff – it seemed a lot taller at the time, okay – at La Victoria, Alcudia in Majorca.

I went on a week-long trip to Mallorca last year, and even though it was meant to be a nice break before I headed back to University, there are only so many days I can spend by the pool.

After a 2 hour drive from Cala Pi to Alcudia we got to the amazing La Victoria where we met our guide Sebastian to do some abseiling. My partner and I were each given a big yellow rucksack – although mine was quite light as it only had rope in it, but my boyfriend had the heavier one which had all the harnesses and helmets in it. I’m not sure whether it was intended – as I did find Sebastian a little sexist during the trip, but after trudging up steep hills and scrambling down numerous cliff sides, I was kind of glad I got that I did get the lighter bag.

When we got to our first of three abseils, my boyfriend was generous enough to let me go first. Now I think this is the appropriate time to inform you that I’m actually terrified of heights and as I started walking back wards off the cliff I had an ‘oh god what am I doing’ moment. Consequently, I didn’t put my legs out straight enough and slipped, ending up with my legs over my head and on the verge of tears, but Sebastian was calm and helped me get the right way up after that. Aside from a cut knee and a bleeding elbow, I actually thought the fall was the best thing to calm my nerves, as after each abseil following that one I knew that I would be just fine if I slipped again.

I was also reassured by my boyfriend’s comments afterwards ‘I thought you had fallen properly, I was going to jump after you but realised you’d be gone anyways.’

Thanks hun!

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