Oh my oh my, only 3 weeks to go!

I’ve got a tiny 3 Weeks left, and have got loads done in the last 2 weeks.

I endured the bore and fright of 2 car boot sales, where both together I must have made about £50/£60, and got rid of a lot of the ‘good crap’.

I’ve been to the gym every single day without fail, and with eating healthily, lost half a stone. Only a tiny bit left to go!

I had my Tetnus, Typhoid, Diptheria, Polio and Hep Jabs. I felt like I ‘d had ten rounds with Mike Tyson, and 2 dead arms. Then I discovered I had to have 2 other jabs.. which stung me in the pocket and the arm at £200 for Rabies, and Hep B. I started my course of 3 on Friday and have 4 jabs left. Phew.

I thought I was leaving it a bit fine to apply for my visa to Oz, and as the website was down (”System Outages”), I thought I’d better do something else quick.
As thoughts of my visa not returning to me on time for my departure date, or my visa being declined because I’d stupidly forgotten to fill something out were entering my head, I managed to print the form off. I thought I would have to (as instructed) get a policeman or teacher or someone to sign a copy of my passport and then send it off bla bla bla.
But…as I was looking for the address to send this to, I found the UK site on which I could apply. Woohooo.
They rang me the next day – Visa granted!! And.. she tells me I may be able to claim tax back from what I had earned in UK (awesome), and I have the Gold Visa… whatever she says if it gets me 7 nights free accommodation in Oz and loads of free stuff, discounts, bus passes etc. Nice one and Smiles!!!!

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