The best decision I could have made… part 1!

Wow… was it really me who wrote that last entry? I honestly feel like a completely different person now. So many fantastic things have already happened to me this year, and I haven’t even been travelling yet! 😀

Where should I start? I suppose I should go back to just after my last entry. I sat my Advanced Highers in May and somehow managed to get As in all my subjects… how the hell?! 😯 I feel like I hardly worked at all last year, as much as I wanted to. I burst into tears when I got my results, partly because I was totally overjoyed but mostly because of stunned disbelief. Maybe it was because I was an emotional wreck last year anyway, lol!

So then I had to sit down and seriously think about which uni I wanted to study at. I had vaguely thought about applying to Oxford or Cambridge but never seriously considered it, as I didn’t know much about these unis and thought that there wasn’t a hope of someone like me (working class, state educated, really shy) being admitted! 🙁 I did a lot of research and discovered that all the hype and myths surrounding Oxbridge are really exaggerated. I decided to take the plunge. 🙂

I already had a better idea of what I wanted to study at uni. 💡 I applied to do languages last year, but after a lot of hard thinking I realised that this type of degree won’t suit me at all. My second choice for degree options was always maths, and I started leaning towards this subject for a variety of reasons…

1. Before applying for languages I hadn’t given much thought (if any) to the kind of career I wanted to follow after university. I thought long and hard about this, and decided that I wanted to do something really worthwhile for the world whilst using specialised knowledge and satisfying my intellectual curiosity. (That sounds a bit intense, doesn’t it? lol! 😆 ) That is, I didn’t want to go down the media, law, translating, etc route which most language graduates follow. 😕

2. To my horror, I hadn’t enjoyed Advanced Higher French nearly as much as I thought I would. I eventually realised that it was because languages at this level focus a lot more on the literature and politics of the countries concerned, and my main interest had always been in actually using the language and learning about its grammar.

3. Following on from this, I realised that I’m a scientist at heart. I enjoy nothing more than discovering how and why the world around me works, and I wouldn’t get this satisfaction if I studied for a modern languages degree.

4. I am very logical by nature and maths has always held me in awe of its beauty and power. 🙂

All this inspired me to apply for maths at Christ Church College, Oxford. I had to sit a really scary test in October, which was beyond difficult! 😯 I thought I had completely mucked it up and blown my chances of being accepted. At the end of November, though, I received a letter inviting me down for interview! I couldn’t believe it! 😮 😀

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