The best decision I could have made… part 2!

I thought I should split this entry into two parts, since I was probably boring the pants off you with my personal enlightenment and I’m only halfway through! lol.

Oxford was amazing; the city is just beautiful and it was really interesting to experience the way of life down there. But… after a few days I just knew that it wasn’t where I wanted to be. You know those gut feelings you get sometimes? Well this gut feeling was so overwhelming and sudden that it kinda threw me a bit! I felt quite weird for a while! 😯 Anyway, I didn’t think my interviews went that well but I left Oxford knowing that I would be happy whatever the outcome. Sure enough, I got a letter about a week later saying that I had not been offered a place. I didn’t mind at all – I was flattered to even get an interview and I knew that Oxford wasn’t the uni for me. St Andrews had become my first choice! 😀

To my delight, St Andrews made me an offer for the fast track MMath Mathematics degree a couple of weeks ago! Soooo happy! 😀 😀 😀 I went up there for a summer school at the end of my fifth year and it’s a gorgeous, cosy little town. The biggest advantage I’ll have at St Andrews is that I’ll be able to study a few subjects in first year, which I’m really excited about as I hate committing myself to something unless I’m positive it’s the right path to take. Hence the gap year, lol! 😆 I’ve decided that I want to study biology and geoscience alongside my maths, and I’m also hoping to take one or two language modules if possible. Here’s hoping!

So that’s my uni plan sorted… finally! 🙄 It’s taken a bit longer for me to sort it all out than most people, but for the first time I feel absolutely certain that these decisions are the right ones. 🙂

The other major advantage of my gap year so far has been that I’ve had the chance to gain some work experience. I’ve had two jobs since leaving school: first I landed a job with the Scottish Court Service doing some admin stuff, and since October I’ve been working in my local infirmary as a recruitment assistant. Not the most riveting jobs for me, but they’ve given me loads of insight into what the working world is like, I’ve met some lovely people and, best of all, I’ve had the chance to save up for my big trip! 😀

I know this might sound stupid, but if you forced me into a job this time last year that would bring me into contact with loads of people on a daily basis, I would have taken a nervous breakdown. 😳 I’m almost painfully shy by nature; my fear of talking to people prevented me from looking for a part-time job when I was at school, so the fact that I am now able to answer manically ringing telephones and deal with queries from the public at my job has been a huge source of pride for me. 😀 If I had gone straight to uni last year, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain confidence in this way.

In short, then, all I can say is that I’m so thankful I decided to take a gap year. 🙂

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