The journey begins

OK, how did this happen? One minute I’m sitting at my desk answering telephones that never stop ringing, and the next I’m 30 000 feet in the air, sharing a flight with a huge crowd of Spanish speakers and on my way to Argentina! I’ve been dreaming and thinking about almost nothing but my trip for the past year and now that I’m on my way I can’t quite believe this is happening. Is this real? Seriously? *Pinches self* Ow. I suppose it is, then. 😀

I had a horrendously nervous start to the day, just freaking out about it all! Weirdly I only calmed down to my usual unflappable self after saying goodbye to my family at Glasgow airport and walking into the departure lounge. Pulling myself together, I went through security and boarded my flight. I hadn’t been on a plane since I was about 10 or 11 so I was a bit anxious during take-off, but once we were in the air I felt a rush of excitement and awe at the spectacle below me. (Window seat… yay!)

Unfortunately I arrived at Heathrow with about 25 minutes to catch my next flight as my flight down had been delayed 2 hours, so needless to say I missed it. I was put onto another flight though and got to Madrid at about 11.00 at night. While queueing for my final flight to Buenos Aires, however, I was told to wait at the side until the end. I didn’t think my nerves could take much more after the furore of the day and all sorts of things started racing through my exhausted mind… “oh my God, I’m going to be arrested” was one of them! It turned out that my ticket to Buenos Aires had been disabled as I had missed my original flight to Madrid, so my boarding pass was now invalid. Thankfully they gave me another boarding pass and I ended up in business class! 😮 So I had a nice comfy seat which you could adjust to make into a bed! Wow! That might be normal for a long haul flight, I don’t know, but it was my first one so it seemed amazing to me!

I’ve had a few bursts of sleep during this flight so hopefully I’ll get through tomorrow without collapsing. Only a few hours until I land now…

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