Yum, Argentinean bread

I thought I should pay tribute here to Argentinean bread, seeing as I’ve been using it as a sort of staple for the last few days. The food at my host family´s house is totally boggin (no offence to them, they’re lovely people!) so I’ve been checking out some of the cafes here. The rolls I’ve been buying are just immense! I don’t know what type of flour Argentines use to make their bread but it tastes amazing.


I haven’t been doing that much so far, just trying to ease myself into this monstrously huge city! I wandered around for a bit after school today and found a really nice veggie restaurant, which I was pleased about! I had some vegetable soup and more of the afore-mentioned Argentine bread. Think I’ll make this restaurant a regular pit stop on my way back from school!

Sorry, I meant to upload some pics today but I’ve left my USB cable in my room. To give you an idea of what BA is like, here are some random observations I’ve made since I got here…

– THE PLACE IS MASSIVE. The most obvious thing about this city!

– All the streets are one way with 5 or 6 lanes of traffic moving in the same direction. Add this to the fact that cars don’t slow down much going round corners, ignore pedestrian crossings and sometimes jump red lights, and you’ll understand why crossing the road here is pretty intimidating!

– There is a lot of bustle and much hooting of horns… honk honk.

– There is no green man in Buenos Aires… he’s orange.

– Everyone is so friendly; kissing and cuddling friends and even strangers is the norm here.

– The Spanish spoken here has got to be the most beautiful type spoken in the world. You can really hear the Italian influence in everyone’s accents! (Argentina received a huge wave of Italian immigrants at the end of the 19th century.)

– The bread here is fabby. (Hee hee.)

I’ll hit you with some more tomorrow, never fear! Now I’m off to do my homework.

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