BA jazz

Yesterday I went to the Cementerio de Recoleta, where the (in)famous Peróns are buried along with lots of other famous Argentines. It’s quite a spooky place; the graves are all massive and seemed to leer down at me as I walked around. Most of them are really beautiful, though, but perhaps not the ones with the actual coffins on show for all to see. 😯

I only wandered around the cemetery for a little while, as my main interests when I’m travelling are more about appreciating the nature of a place and learning about new cultures – I wasn’t that interested in staring at the graves of people I didn’t know much about. However, as soon as I stepped out of the cemetery I was greeted with a lovely surprise: a jazz trio jamming away on the street! 😀 Jazz music always cheers me up so I stopped to listen for a while. People were even stopping by to dance, which was a great spectacle! You wouldn’t get people dancing in the streets of Falkirk like that.

This morning I meant to go on a bike tour of Buenos Aires, but the city is so monstrous that I got lost (again) as I tried to find the meeting point. Lesson learned, I’ll take the subway or a taxi rather than trying to walk everywhere or my wee legs will fall off with all the exertion. The bike tour has been postponed until next weekend now!

So I went to a nearby market instead, happy to just stroll around and look at all the random things for sale there. It was interesting to immerse myself in the market for a while, as I could listen to all the vendors rabbiting on in Spanish. The guy who kept booming “cafaaaaaaaaaaay, cafaaaaaaaaaaay” got a bit annoying after a while, though!

I’ve realised that I’m not very happy with my accommodation now. I wanted to stay with a family so that I could be integrated into the Argentine culture and practice my Spanish, but my family don’t ask me to go out with them and don’t actually talk to me that much. OK, I’m shy and could probably try and talk to them more, but I feel really awkward around them for some reason. I think it’s because they seem to be quite serious people – they keep telling me off for not opening my bedroom window and strange things like that. And the food is just awful! 🙁 I hope I’m not coming across as a high maintenance type person because I’m not at all, I’m usually pretty easy going and never ask for more than I need, but… I don’t know, I’m just not happy. Tomorrow I’ll ask my Spanish school if I can possibly be moved to a student flat or something. I was really looking forward to living with a host family but I suppose not every family is willing to accept a randomer from another country as their own daughter. It was really great of them to let me stay but I was hoping for more interaction with them and/or with other young people. Oh well, let’s see what happens tomorrow…

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