I want to ride my bicycle

Whew, I’m just back from a bike tour of southern Buenos Aires and it was fantastic! We rode around some beautiful areas in the southern area of the city, which I hadn’t really explored before. First stop was the gorgeous harbour of Puerto Madero, then we went to the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur, and I have to say that this has been the highlight of my trip so far. It was amazing to cycle through all the pampas in the reserve whilst staring up at the BA skyline. The pampas reminded me of home because we used to have a pampas plant in our front garden! There was a spot in the reserve where we could see the famous Río de la Plata too, and I felt my jaw drop at how beautiful it was – it was such a lovely (but scorching!) day and I could see for miles across the crystal blue water.

From there we cycled to one of BA’s most distinctive barrios… La Boca! I had another “pinch me” moment as I looked around at all the brightly coloured buildings I had gazed at in books and on the internet for months. It was really touristy, though! I was a bit embarrassed when some tango dancers surrounded me, plonked a hat on my head and a red feather boa around my neck and insisted that I get my photo taken with one of them. Please forgive the cycling attire in these pictures! I loved seeing Boca Juniors stadium too and I’m hoping to go to a football game soon!

Our final stop was San Telmo and then we were back where we started. I then had to literally run home because I was desperate for the toilet. I hadn’t anticipated the bike tour being 4 hours long! 😮

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