Leaves are falling…

The last few days have been quite packed so I haven’t had a chance to write for a while! On Monday I had my volunteer work again and I really enjoyed it – there were far fewer kids this time and more volunteers, so it wasn’t as intense as my first time. I helped one little girl with a colour by numbers sheet and played a game with another girl who seemed to be making up the rules as she went along! I was happy to just do what she told me, or rather what I thought she was telling me!

I went to a salsa class last night, which was both terrifying and really fun! Alok recommended it to me and he went along too, so I wasn’t completely on my own. I really felt the exuberance of Latin America there; everyone was dancing enthusiastically and not caring about whether anyone was watching them. I thought the teachers were so funny – one of them was a tallish, muscly Cuban who shouted out instructions so exuberantly and quickly that I didn’t have a clue what he was saying and as such was doing everything totally wrong, and the other one was minuscule (smaller than me, no joke) and danced with a huge, almost manic grin on his face all the time. Despite all the chaos, I loved the class and I’ll definitely be going back next week!

How cool – a new student has come to stay with my host family! She’s called Jenny, she’s from the USA and she’s the same age as me. It’s great to have someone else at home now, especially as she’s so nice and has been really easy to talk to! 😀

Random observation for the day: leaves are falling from the trees here! Not that there are many trees for leaves to fall from in BA, but as I was walking to school this morning a big brown leaf landed on my shoulder. I looked up to see a tree with about half its leaves missing, and then it hit me that of course leaves should be falling from the trees here – it’s getting into winter in South America. Not very interesting, I know, but it’s quite weird to suddenly see leaves falling when back home I was enjoying seeing all the colours coming back to the trees.

OK, I’ll spare you the rest of my randomness for the day! 🙂

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