Bday in BA

Today has been a very strange day as it’s the first time I’ve been away from my family on my birthday! 🙁 I am now 19 and really looking forward to the next bit of my life… 9 weeks of travelling still to do, hopefully back to my job for a while, and then off to St Andrews to study maths! Can’t wait! 😀

I spent the afternoon in my favourite internet cafe, chatting to my family who had organised a virtual party for me in my bedroom back home, hee hee. Mum, Hayley, Nana, Papa and my friends James and Chris were all there, so it was fantastic to speak to them all! 😀 Then Mum brought a cake into the room and I “blew” out my candles, which made me feel a bit sentimental because I just wanted to be at home with all the people I care about! 😥 But never mind, it was great to celebrate with them and we’re going to have a triple birthday celebration when I get home seeing as I’m going to miss Mum and Hayley’s birthdays too.

I went out for ice cream at night with Jenny, which was really nice! She wouldn’t let me pay because it was my birthday – how lovely is she? We got our ice cream and went to a park to scoff it, chatting and looking up at the stars. 🙂 Now I know why people say that Argentina has the best ice cream in South America… it was amazing!

I have another random observation to tell you about! When I got here I noticed that there were a lot of dogs around, both strays and pets. However, I didn’t realise how intelligent they must be until yesterday… I was waiting to cross the road and noticed a dog walking slowly up to the crossing behind me. There were cars coming so I was standing still, but the dog suddenly bolted across the road and once he was at the other side he went back to striding along slowly! I was flabbergasted. 😯

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