Feeling a bit ill!

Oh dear… I woke up this morning with a macho cold and now my nose WILL NOT STOP RUNNING! It’s been absolutely roasting for the last couple of days too and being from Scotland I’m totally unaccustomed to heat. My wee body is starting to protest – it’s saying, “What on earth are you doing to me? Get back into the wind and rain!” I think I’m feeling a bit low because of a combination of my cold, the fierce heat and the fact that BA is doing my head in now! 🙁 Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved being here and my Spanish lessons and volunteering have been amazing, but I really didn’t think about the logic of staying in one of the biggest cities in the world for a month when I’m used to living in a village in the middle of nowhere. Still, I’ve only got a week and a half to go and then I’m outta here! 😀

Sorry, I’m usually very tolerant when I’m ill but I just felt like having a good moan! I’m missing home a lot at the moment as well. 😥 I actually had a dream last night that I went home, and I was quite disappointed when I woke up! I’m sure I’ll just love it when I hit the road and get to see loads of amazing places every day, though. For now I’ll try and enjoy the last stage of my BA adventure!

*Blows nose*

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