The countdown has begun

Three days to go until I set off on the second part of my adventure… I can’t wait! 😀 I’m aching to see all the breathtaking places on my itinerary now; Chile, in particular, looks absolutely stunning. Seeing all the gorgeous scenery, exploring new places and meeting new people will be really exciting for me. I’ve absolutely loved being in Buenos Aires but I’ve still been studying and working (albeit in areas that really interest me), so this section of my trip where I can just chill out and enjoy travelling will be the real reward for all my hard work over the past few years. Hopefully when I get home I’ll be all revitalised and ready to get stuck into 4+ years of algebra, fluid dynamics, solar theory and the like! 😆

Not much has been happening recently because I’ve seen everything I want to see in BA now and I’ve been happy to just while away my last few days here. Jenny left on Sunday and it’s been quite weird in the house without her! 🙁 We swapped email addresses, though, so now we can be cyber pals. 🙂

Morgan left BA on Friday too, so the class was down to just Alok, Chris and me until a new student arrived, Kelly from the US! Marte from Norway joined the class for a day too but she decided to go down a level, which I was sad about because she’s great, but I’ve still been talking to her during the breaks. Kelly is a veggie too so my Spanish teacher, Estefanía, told us about another veggie restaurant yesterday. We decided to check it out. Chris wasn’t feeling too good (I think Morgan passed the cold to me, and now I’ve passed it to Chris) so he wanted to come with us to see if eating some greens would help him! We went inside and, no joke, it was the tiniest place I’ve ever seen in my life. We had to breathe in to avoid knocking over the five or so tables crammed together in the room as we walked up to the counter! It was an experience trying to eat lunch whilst concentrating so hard on not knocking my tray off the minuscule table and not knocking elbows with the guy next to me. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the food was and it was staggeringly cheap! 🙂

Just for the record, I have now taken back what I said about porteño dogs being intelligent. The other day I saw one wander casually onto the road, then he sat down in the middle of it and started to scratch himself. Meanwhile there were six or seven lanes of relentless traffic zooming towards him! I was convinced that I was about to witness a death for the first time in my life because the cars here do not stop for anything – the drivers prefer to beep their horns manically at pedestrians who are on the road rather than slowing down. Anyway, somehow this dog managed to avoid being run over and lived to fight another day. I don’t know how he did it because I turned away in horror!

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