Bears in Bariloche! (Or not…)

Wow… I’ve arrived in Bariloche and it is honestly the most stunning place I’ve ever seen. It’s a cute little alpine-style town surrounded by lake Nahuel Huapi and the Andes mountains. It was definitely a treat to feast my bleary eyes on when I pulled back the blinds on the bus after waking up this morning! 😀

Everyone in the group is just lovely and I feel at home already, which I’m so relieved about. The group members are:

Chad (Canada, group leader)
Amy (England)
Becky (England)
Carol (England)
Clive (England)
Dani (England)
Dawn (England)
Florian (Switzerland)
John (England)
Lucy (England)
Matt (Canada)
Nicole (England)
Robyn (Australia)
Roxana (England)
Sarah (England)
Me (Scotland)

Our hostel here is amazing – it’s called Periko’s and it’s a log building like most of the buildings in Bariloche. It has a kitchen for everyone to use so that means we can cook for ourselves, AND there are 4 veggies out of 15 people in the group so I’ll be able to have decent food now! 😀

I’m just back from a hike in the hills with Becky, Clive, Carol, Matt and Florian (a really cool Swiss guy who reminds me of Claudio from Long Way Round!) and it was fantastic, easily the best thing I’ve done on the trip so far. Just to be back hillwalking again was the greatest feeling ever after a month in a huuuge city, especially among such breathtaking scenery. 🙂 We were so enthralled by the sheer beauty of the landscape below us that we stopped to take loads of photos on the way up.

When we got to the top we found a revolving restaurant… wow! It was amazing to sit and eat a cheese toastie whilst watching the landscape outside changing before your eyes. After that we set off back down again, but we had misjudged the time a little bit and it started to get dark sooner than we expected. On the one hand this gave us spectacular views of the sun setting over Bariloche (more pic opportunities!), but on the other hand it meant that we were still descending when it got dark, which was a tiny bit creepy! Clive said that when we got back to the hostel we should tell the others that we had a run-in with a bear and that was why we were back so late, hee hee.

Tonight I had a proper dinner – Dawn made vegetable lasagne, woohoo! 😀 The whole group had dinner together in the hostel and it was lovely. I hope we can do this most nights because there was such a nice atmosphere and it’s obviously cheaper than eating out all the time.

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