Galloping with gauchos

Today has been quite surreal, to be honest! Along with most of the group, I went horse riding in the hills with Argentine cowboys! I had never really thought about doing this before but I’m so glad I did now – riding with gauchos was a fantastic opportunity to experience such an important aspect of the Argentine culture.

At first I was a bit terrified because I had never ridden before and I like to be in control of my circumstances at all times, so sitting on the back of a strong-willed animal has never been at the top of my “sensible things to do” list! My horse, China, seemed a bit agitated before we set off, but I think it was because she was next to our group leader Chad’s horse, who was the biggest and most intimidating of the lot. (Ironic really as Chad is so small!) Once we started our journey my horse calmed down and made me feel more at ease. I had yet another pinch me moment a while later as I felt the wind in my hair and gazed around at the stunning landscape. I felt both exhilarated and quite sad at the same time, as I knew that Hayley would have absolutely loved to ride a horse through the Argentine pampas and wished that she was there to do it with me. 🙁

When we got back to the ranch, we found a fabulous lunch awaiting us. They had even prepared spaghetti and salad for the veggies, which was amazing! I can’t believe it, I’ve had decent food for the past two days now! 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a triple hike around Bariloche, so no doubt my legs will be hanging off after that! Bring it on.

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