Happy bday, Mum!

Today is Mum’s birthday, which I’m a little bit sad about as I’m not there to celebrate with her! 🙁 She’s going out for dinner, though, so she’ll have a really nice time. Enjoy your day, Mum! 🙂

After arriving at our hostel yesterday, we discovered that we could use the kitchen… yay! Roxy wanted to cook us her favourite Greek dinner of potato salad and meatballs and Dani wanted to make nachos, so some of us went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients. As much as I was squirming at the sight of the huge slabs of meat behind the deli counter, it was hilarious watching Roxy as she tried to explain to the guy that she wanted mince. She told him, “muy pequeño!” (“very small!”) and frantically chopped up imaginary meat in thin air. I then remembered that I had my phrasebook with me and we eventually managed to tell the guy what we were looking for!

When we got back to the hostel, I helped Dani make some guacamole and Amy showed me how to make a stuffed pepper to replace the meatballs for me. I am the world’s worst cook so it felt quite satisfying to make some food that tasted so nice! I’m looking forward to learning how to make more stuff as that’ll stand me in good stead for uni. 🙂

The hostel, by the way, is the strangest place I’ve ever stayed in. In a good way, that is! It’s cute and clean, but finding your way around it is like walking through Narnia. I keep getting lost while looking for my room! Somehow the breakfast area reminds me of the caravan I stayed in when I went to Berwick with my family a couple of summers ago. And the shower I had this morning was invigorating if nothing else… I think it would have been warmer if I had turned the cold tap on rather than the hot! 😯

So, today! I don’t really want to do much today as Puerto Varas is a peaceful little place and it’s raining again! I think I’ll just kick back here and do lots of stuff again when I get to Pucón.

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