Couch potato? Me?

Since arriving in Cuzco I’ve felt really strange. I think it’s because I’m finally in the city leading to the Inca Trail and I’m starting to get nervous and axcited! 😀 Cuzco itself is spine-tinglingly beautiful, with its colonial streets, vibrant markets and ancient Inca ruins overlooking the city. It’s a very touristy place, which means that the prices here are more like those in Chile than in the rest of Peru, but that doesn’t matter too much. I’m just thrilled to be in a city with such a rich history and culture!

Yesterday I had a look around Cuzco’s handicrafts market, which is chock-full of intricately patterned clothing and textiles. It’s also full of vendors who rush up to you if you even so much as glimpse at their stuff and start telling you what’s for sale, in which colours, what would look nice on you (apparently) and for how much. I know that’s the style of sellers in South American markets but I’m finding it really disconcerting! Back home I hardly ask for help in a shop at all, but here I can’t even set foot in a stall without someone saying, “Señorita, señorita, jumpers, hats, different colours, special price for you…”!

Having been advised by the doctor to walk about as little as possible before the Inca Trail, I thought I should pretty much not do anything today seeing as I walked for miles around Cuzco yesterday in spite of myself. To my delight, I managed to find the men’s Wimbledon final on a sports channel in my hostel room and it turned out to be the most enthralling match I’ve ever seen, so I happily spent most of the day lying on my bed watching it! Roger Federer is my favourite sportsman so I was desperate for him to win, but Rafael Nadal was just awesome and he thoroughly deserved the victory. It was a shame they both couldn’t have won!

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