More flying!

No, I haven’t been paragliding again… today I took a flight over the famous Nazca Lines, which was fascinating and quite scary at the same time! I was a bit nervous about going up in a tiny little plane as I had never done it before, but seeing the lines was something I really wanted to do during my trip, being a science geek and all that. 🙂 They’re a set of designs etched into the desert sand that have apparently been there for about 2000 years, but no one really knows how they got there, who created them and for what purpose. I read of a theory by the German mathematician Maria Reiche that the lines were created by the people of Nazca in ancient times as some sort of astronomical calendar, which sounds pretty interesting, but the number of theories around is innumerable!

The actual flight was a worthwhile experience, but I wouldn’t do it again! I never get motion sickness, yet I felt really queasy during the flight and it was all I could do to stop myself from throwing up. I think it was because the pilot kept tilting the plane onto each of its sides so that we could all see the lines more clearly. It was definitely worth doing, though, as the lines were fascinating and can only really be appreciated from the air.

A random thing of note for today… the nightbus I got to Nazca was the best nightbus I’ve ever had. I actually managed to sleep for most of the journey! It was really comfy and we were given nice fleece blankets to snuggle up under. It was a good way to end my nightbus experiences!

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