Research! >:(

Something I have a love hate relationship with is the build up to a trip. The organising of:
1. Myself (I’m the worst at getting into gear)
2. Paper work!
3. Funds
4. Finding the right travel agents/groups to put the finishing touches to my travel plan

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have an app that does it all for you. All you’d have to do is put in your details & travel preferences and POOF! The route & tickets are sorted for you and then you can just kick back and look forward to the start date of your next adventure (I might look into this, could be a money maker!)

But, yeah. Like i mentioned in my first post here, I’m looking to find work while I’m (still not deccided where I’ll be going) out there to keep some extra cash for those dark days. So, I’ve been looking up websites & companies that could help, but there’s just so much right now I’ll need to filter out those wasting my time.

Fingers crossed it’ll get sorted soon. I know I’ve only really just started looking into this but, this is the side of organising travelling trips that I really want OUT OF THE WAY!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for my next post, hopefully I’ll have made some progress with it all…

Here’s a lovely picture of a not impressed squirrel

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