Some Developments

So, the whole finding work abroad while on my travels kinda hit a bit of a snag when I was looking into it.

Mostly, down to me being a little distracted and side tracked to a different avenue. Basically, I’ve been researching it (like I mentioned in my last blog post) and stumbled across some pretty interesting articles, other blogs, forums. You know, the regular travel stuff. Blag a bar job when you’re out there. Get a cheeky cash in hand deal. Nothing too helpful. Not what I was hopign to fined. But, that could just be my terrible searching online.


As I was saying, I’m searching for useful information. And, for some reason (on my regular going off on a tangent), I stumble across some cruise holiday sites. Yeah, exactly what I was thinking at the time, “I’m not some OAP!!!”

Why would I want to holiday on a cruise ship!?!?!? that’s for the old folks, right!


Then I got to thinking. What if I’m cruising round the world, but not on holiday sinking my money into this cruise. Instead, I just get a job on a damn cruise ship! I’m working AND doing the travelling around the world! 


I’ve not looked more into this just yet. I got excited and needed to blog my current thought.
Anyone have any interesting stories out there about working on a cruise ship? Give me advice or whatever, I’m psyched about this idea.

I gotta get more info, but this is just another idea. Another option.
I still have big plans to travel like I have done before. Maybe trying this is a needed change, who knows.

Stay tuned for my next post!


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