Absolutely loving Pai

We’ve been in Pai for three days now and its deffo the bestest place in the world! Everyone is dead laid back, it’s cheaper than everywhere else and the town is beautiful. The first day we just scoped round at the cool market stalls. We found a place to book into a longer rafting trip, seeing as we enjoyed it so much the other day.

Me and Pete were absolutely nackered so decided to have an early night. We went to bed in a shitty little room that had open air mosquito shower and lots of dead spiders. There is a very big music scene here and most bars having live acts on, we slept to a Thai cover of every song The Beatles had ever done, which was very loud!

Rafting day was a 7am start. We did 45km rafting on the River Pai with loads of rapids to work on. It was amazing but very tiring. So nice to get in at the end – refreshing. We did a cliff jump, met the monkeys, and loads of cool people to go for a drink with once it had all finished.

There’s a wicked bar here called Retox and the guy who runs it is mental. Every drink you buy gets a free shot. He has a leader board on the wall of names and nationalities of people who can drink 10, 12, 14 and 18 shots! A* for marketing for that guy.

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